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“Living Waters is well constructed without a doubt, Craig certainly knows how to create good music in his genre.”  

-HighClouds “Music Junkies Holy Bible”, Belgium, January 2018   

“Craig’s songwriting is very coherent, certainly hear his inspirations shining through.”  

-Crack in the Road (CITR) Pop Music Blog, United States, January 2018  

"Living Waters is very catchy, with nice vocals. The track is very well crafted. I'm talking to a musician who knows his sh** and knows how to bring a finished track." 

-humanhuman Music Discovery Blog, Belgium, February 2018 

A multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, and vocalist, Craig Donovan brandishes a unique sound long influenced by the atmospheres of Elvis Costello, Paul Weller, and James Taylor, as well as Japanese rock bands such as L'Arc-en-Ciel, Bump of Chicken and Asian Kung-Fu Generation.  The native New Yorker, who now resides in Washington, D.C. has taken the stage of venues throughout the United States, including performances in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and internationally in Kyushu, Japan. His warm Irish tenor, skillful lyrics, hook-like melodies and distinctive guitar playing have been a constant signature of his energetic performances and recorded solo and band material. In addition, to performing and recording, Craig studies piano and music composition at The Levine School of Music at Strathmore Music Center.  

Craig is releasing his debut EP, SKYSHINE. The deeply personal themes of the EP's five songs are as eclectic as Craig's personality. One of the singles, "Living Waters", a song of hope, is a commentary on nuclear war and chronicles the true story of a 14-year old Japanese boy diving into the Urakami River to escape the Nagasaki atomic bomb blast. The relatable "Shadow to Your Light" explores the unbreakable bond between two best friends and the importance of being there for another challenged by mental illness. Another single, "2025", delves into the issues of courage and human beings walking their own path despite the feelings of invisibility, misunderstanding, and prejudice often encountered on this journey. The song was inspired by the LGBTQ movement. As evident by the themes on the EP, Craig sees music as a way to unite people from all walks of life.  

SKYSHINE was recorded at two locations: Mystery Ton Studios in Monrovia, Maryland and Shab Row Recording in Frederick, Maryland.  The tracks recorded at Mystery Ton Studios were mixed and mastered by long-time engineer Ken Eaton.  The songs recorded at Shab Row Recording were mixed by Doug Smith and mastered by Doug Benson of Commodore Recording Studio in Thurmont, Maryland.  The EP will be available for purchase digitally through popular services such as iTunes, Amazon, and Google Music.  Physical copies of the EP featuring original art from British artist Robert Clear will be available at Craig’s live shows.  SKYSHINE is set to release on April 1st.

When he isn't working on music, Craig can be found navigating the legal world. He is a federal attorney specializing in intellectual property and environmental law, and is a graduate of New York University, Columbia University, and The George Washington University School of Law.  He is also an advocate for the protection of biodiversity and has written several published articles on environmental law issues.  

A lover of foreign languages and cultures, Craig has lived in several countries, including France, People's Republic of China, and Japan.  He also possesses a strong French and Japanese background. When he is not composing and performing, Craig is an avid chess player, swimmer, ice skater, loves traveling and enjoys playing and going on adventures with his Bengal cat, Dazai.  

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If you would like more information about Craig's music, upcoming album release and performances in the DC Metro area, New York City or abroad, please contact him at,  and/or sign up to his mailing list on this site.  

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Cover Image- Craig Donovan's Debut Album, "SKYSHINE"

Craig Donovan's Press and Interviews

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