Craig Donovan

Debut effort of this alternative Japan-rock influenced, multi-instrumental songwriter from Washington, DC is an instant classic. Craig Donovan's SKYSHINE blends well-crafted, personal songwriting with the atmospheres of artists like Elvis Costello, Weezer, James Taylor, Paul Weller, L'Arc-en-Ciel (J-rock), Bump of Chicken (J-rock) and Asian Kung-Fu Generation (J-rock) with a sonic wall of face-punching distortion and delay-drenched electric guitar, sensitive acoustic guitar arpeggios, soaring melodic hooks, textured piano and synth phrasings and heartfelt lyrics digging into unexpected themes.

"Living Waters is well constructed without a doubt, Craig certainly knows how to create good music in his genre." HighClouds "Music Junkies Holy Bible", Belgium, January 2018

"Craig's songwriting is very coherent, certainly hear his inspirations shining through." -Crack in the Road (CITR) Pop Music Blog, United States, January 2018

“Living Waters is very catchy, with nice vocals. The track is very well crafted. I’m talking to a musician who knows his sh** and knows how to bring a finished track.” -humanhuman Music Discovery Blog, Belgium, February 2018
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