Welcome to the music home base of Craig Donovan and my photographic diary of the travels where my music has taken me as well as the special people in my life, cultures, places, social causes and things that inspire me and feed my soul. I am a singer-songwriter, electric and acoustic guitarist, mandolinist and keyboardist (piano, synthesizer) originally from New York City, who now hails from the Washington, DC area.

The style of my original music has been described as if James Taylor crashed into Weezer, Elvis Costello or Asian Kung-Fu Generation.  An eclectic mix of beautifully-crafted engaging harmonies, emotional lyrics and rhythmic flow with a professional, engrossing and energetic stage presence and prominent guitar arpeggios, hard-edged guitar riffs, and power chords.  


Boy About Town: Craig Donovan Performing at Charity Concert to Rebuild Neighborhood Coffeehouse Coffee Nature in Downtown DC

On Saturday, May 22, 2021, Craig will be joining a host of local performers volunteering their time and talents to help rebuild Coffee Nature Coffeehouse in DC, which has suffered financially due to the strict lockdown rules due to the pandemic and damage from recent anti-Asian vandalism. This will be Craig's first public performance since the Covid-19 pandemic began in February 2020. The concert will be held outside for the public on Fessenden Street in compliance with the District's social distancing rules. Craig will be performing a set of five original songs including his new song called "Us?" from 12:30-1:00 p.m. 

The Philippines' Online News and Current Affairs Magazine, News Break Picks Up Craig Donovan's Environmental Law Article on Japan's Endangered Iriomote Cat and World Heritage Site Nomination


 Craig's recent environmental law article published by the ABA on Japan’s highly-endangered Iriomote wildcat and World Heritage Site nomination of Iriomote Island with three other southern and central islands in the Ryūkyū archipelago for natural assets in 2020 has been picked up and published in the World section by News Break, the online news and current affairs magazine published in the Philippines.  The article may be found on News Break at:

Craig Donovan Receives ABA Publication of His New Environmental Law Article on Japan's Endangered Iriomote Cat and UNESCO Nomination for the Southern and Central Ryūkyū Islands

As a complement to his songwriting and artistic endeavors, Craig has taken some time to pursue another one of his loves, legal scholarly writing, as part of his commitment to advocacy for the preservation of biodiversity and environmental conservation in the United States and Asia. On January 22, 2021, Craig received the wonderful news that the American Bar Association's (ABA) Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (SEER) and Endangered Species Committee have published Craig's newest environmental law article entitled, "Japan's Rare Island Wildcat and World Heritage Site Nomination".

The article discusses Japan’s highly-endangered Iriomote wildcat that lives in the mountains and lowland areas of Iriomote Island, Okinawa Prefecture and the Japanese government's recent nomination of Iriomote Island along with three other southern and central islands in the Ryūkyū archipelago for inscription on UNESCO’s World Heritage List for natural assets in 2020. In researching for his article, Craig used a variety of legal and scientific sources in the Japanese and English languages to build his work.

On February 4, 2021, Craig's article also received the honor of ABA SEER Cross-Practice publication by the International Environmental and Resources Law Committee (IERL) as a highlighted article of interest among committee members in the field of international environmental law.

Craig's article may be found on the ABA website at:  and in the Published Writings and Photos sections of his website. 

Helping to Speak Out for Those Who Cannot: Craig Donovan Becomes a Chimpanzee Guardian for The Jane Goodall Institute's Tchimpounga Centre, Republic of the Congo

As part of his commitment to community and volunteer service outside of his public service and work as a Federal attorney and his music and other artistic pursuits, Craig has recently become an official Chimpanzee Guardian for The Jane Goodall Institute in Washington, DC.  On June 8, 2020, Craig became a supporter and guardian of a very small, lively and sociable female chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) named Anzac at the Tchimpouga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Centre on Ngombe Island, Tchimpounga, Republic of the Congo. Anzac was captured by poachers before she was rescued and brought to the sanctuary.  Upon arrival, she was so small, veterinarians and staff had to weigh her on a food scale. Anzac is missing a portion of her left arm, which staff believe was the result of poachers using a machete to pry her from her embrace of her mother who was killed. Anzac now is thriving at the sanctuary and able to navigate the forest and socializing well with other rescued chimpanzees. She has received a true second chance. "I am honored to try to make a small positive difference in her life and the world a better place."

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